I seriously cannot believe how good I feel. Energy levels are up, and mental clarity and focus is sharper than ever.  Not only that, but my husband has been participating and loves it, too. My kids love the food, I feel great, and to top if off, I’m down a few pounds. Thank you! -L.G., Little Silver, NJ


This reset was the perfect thing to get me back on track after a prolonged period of summer indulgence, and reminded me how much better I feel when I make a commitment to prep and make good choices. -S.C., Carlsbad, CA


My family has gobbled up everything I’ve made on the reset. I completely expected to have leftovers this week during my reset and there are NONE! It is such a bonus to have a collection of new, healthy recipes to integrate into the tired, old ones I’ve been using for years. Thank you! -M.D., Providence, RI


I loved everything about this Eighty program! I feel so great and balanced. It just makes so much sense. It’s really changed the way I eat and think about my health. Thank you for making it so easy! -E.S., Hoboken, NJ


These resets are a total game changer for me! I do Eighty resets over and over because they get me back on track with the eating style that is right for my body.  It also means I can enjoy favorite foods from time to time without any guilt or falling off the wagon, because I know what to go back to.  -L.D., Toronto, Ontario


This Eighty Reset was a wonderful reminder of how we have the power to look and feel great with a small bit of effort and excellent nutrition in a short amount of time. -H.W., Jersey City, NJ


I am feeling fantastic. Energy levels are better, no more need for coffee, focus is better.

Feeling great all around! -D.S., Fair Haven, NJ

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